Big Brands That Understand - A Shoutout to Royal Purple

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Mark Linabury
Many big brands have lost touch with supporting their local chambers of commerce, but not all of them. Royal Purple gets it.


At the Greater EMC Chamber, we define chamber membership as being part of the business community. As a chamber member, you are supporting the one organization that unifies businesses of all sizes to advocate for the local business economy. By being a member, you are showing that you do more than business in a community, you are part of the business community.


I mention this because many big brands have lost touch with supporting their local chambers of commerce. They will ask “Why do we need a chamber”, and the answer is they don’t. But the local business community does, and chambers need their support to provide the services that create and maintain a vibrant and engaged business environment for all to benefit from.


I was going over our chamber’s renewing members and saw that one big brand, Royal Purple, had renewed and they’ve been doing so year after year. Royal Purple is in Porter, Texas, and produces a wide range of high-performance lubricants for nearly every consumer and industrial application worldwide. Do they ask what can the chamber do for them? No, chamber membership is part of their company culture and being a good corporate citizen. It’s a big brand that understands. Other big brands that understand are Fortune 500 chamber members Insperity, Entergy Texas, HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood, and the Walmart Distribution Center located in the East Montgomery County Improvement District's Industrial Park. It's because of their generous support that all members have access to more valuable chamber programs and services to help grow their businesses.


I’ll end with this, and it may sound familiar. Ask not what your chamber can do for you - ask what you can do for your chamber, and membership is where it starts. We do appreciate your support.

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